The Energy Ministry has assured of a stable supply of electricity following a successful deal for an increased supply from Ivory Coast.

The Ministry released a statement on Monday suggesting that the intermittent power outages have ended following the deal with the Ivorians.

“…to safeguard the integrity of the national transmission system and to reduce the possibility of grid instability…government sent a delegation to La Cote d’Ivoire which successfully negotiated an increase in power supply despite Ghana’s indebtedness of about US$60 million to our neighbour as at the end of December 2016,” the statement signed by signed by the Communications Officer at the Energy Ministry, King  Wellington.

A supply shortfall of 650MW due to the maintenance of power plants in the Western Region have resulted in the intermittent and unplanned power cuts in parts of the country.

The situation has triggered fears the country is returning to the dark days of severe power rationing.

However, in the two-page statement from the Ministry, Mr Wellington explains that the power outages that span some three weeks in parts of the country were caused in part by rainstorms that hit parts of the country.

“With regards to the power disruptions over the last three days, we note that this was not related to a deficit in generation but due to faults triggered by the severe rainstorm that hit parts of the country, particularly in Greater Accra, Ashanti and Central Regions, on 25th to 26th February 2017. The ECG is in the process of restoring power to those who may have been unfortunate to be affected by the outages,” said the statement.

Read the original statement from the Energy Ministry below:



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